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Welcome to A Threaded Needle.  Everything we do here involves a threaded needle, whether it's for hand or machine stitching.  I hope you will explore the site, sign up for our newsletter, and become part of our community of customers.  In return, I'll search out new and different products and ideas for you to use to sew, quilt, stitch, appliqué and create.  Together we'll explore sewing traditions and trends like sashiko and zakka, and we'll embrace the creative fun of sewing!

A Threaded Needle specializes in sashiko supplies, dyed yarn fabrics, linen/cotton fabric, metal purse frames, bag handles, purse and bag hardware, and zakka sewing notions.  We love the designs and style of Yoko Saito, so you'll find her books and the quality dyed yarn fabrics and threads you need for making her incredible quilts and bags. 

Other things you'll want to know:

We are physically located in western Canada, on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia.

If you would like to order but don't want to use your credit card to order on a computer, you are welcome to email me your order, and I will arrange to get your credit card information by phone (Please don't put credit card information in an email)



We try to get your order into the mail within 3 working days, but in the spring and fall it may take a few days longer as we will be away several times a month traveling to quilting and sewing shows in British Columbia and Alberta. 


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